Pantry Essentials

A well-stocked kitchen is the key to making any recipe a success. When you are starting out it can be tough to know exactly what you need to make cooking easy. Figuring out what you do or don’t need in your pantry can be pretty tricky. This is my list of pantry essentials – the ingredients I like to keep on hand so I don’t have to worry when I’m trying to put together a recipe. The ingredients on this list are a good starting point when it comes to cooking. This list can easily be adjusted to fit your dietary or culinary needs.

Pantry Essentials


– salt
– pepper
– dried minced garlic
– paprika
– ground ginger
– parsley
– sage
– rosemary
– thyme
– curry powder
– crushed red pepper
– ground cinnamon


– all purpose flour
– white sugar
– brown sugar
– baking powder
– baking soda
– corn starch
– powdered sugar

Cupboard Essentials

– olive oil (or oil of choice)
– white wine vinegar
– rice vinegar
– balsamic vinegar
– dried pasta (I recommend keeping a box of spaghetti, a box of penne, and a box of elbow macaroni on hand)
– rice (jasmine or white or brown rice)
– peanut butter
– canned tomatoes (diced and crushed)
– tomato paste
– canned beans (cannelini, garbanzo, kidney)
– chicken broth
– beef broth


– butter
– eggs
– soy sauce
– mustard
– ketchup
– frozen corn
– frozen peas
– minced garlic