So You Want to do a Field School?

If you are an anthropology or archaeology major, you have probably debated whether or not you should try to participate in a field school. This past summer I was lucky enough to participate in a field school through my university. Field schools can provide a lot of benefits, such as the opportunity to gain resume-boosting experience in the field. But they are also a significant investment of time and money. This article will follow my experience to help you decide if a field school is right for you.

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Amateurs in Archaeology

If you’ve ever watched an Indiana Jones or Lara Croft movie, chances are at some point you said to yourself “I wish I could do that.” This thought was most likely followed promptly by something along the lines of “I can’t do that” or “that’s not a very realistic job prospect.” At this point, you probably had finished the movie and moved on with life only pausing to revisit that thought when you re-watched the movie. I’m here to tell you that you, my dear friend, were wrong, you can, in fact, be an archaeologist, no degree required! (Disclaimer: the type of archaeology referenced in this blog post probably won’t involve chase scenes or high-drama world-saving antics.)

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