BRB – running away to Mykonos

Greetings from Mykonos!


So I know it’s been a little while since I’ve posted but things have pretty crazy on this side of the pond. I’ve gotten to travel a bunch these past two months and can I just say – the Mediterranean? I’m in love! I have a few posts planned about the trips I’ve been on these past few months coming up but first I had to fill you in on my trip to Mykonos. As I write this I am sitting on the patio of my Airbnb overlooking Mykonos Town and enjoying a welcome break from the chilly weather back in London. If you get a chance to visit this stunning bit of paradise – here are a few gems to check out.

Paraga (or Paranga) Beach

This beach is a bit of a hike from Mykonos Town but well worth the trip. According to my friend, this beach turns into a party beach in the summer but in late April, it was a beautiful place to relax and soak up the sunshine. The sand is a little rough on your feet but the cool water will have them feeling better in no time.

The Windmills

IMG_8137 2

This is a pretty standard stop for anyone visiting the island. Built in the 16th century by the Venetians, the windmills are a great place to stop and take photos before exploring nearby Little Venice. I recommend following the steps down to the water, you’ll get a fun view of the windmills and the beach is full of sea glass waiting to be discovered.

Little Venice


This is my favorite part of Mykonos town. Filled with cute shops and picturesque alleys Little Venice is a must-hit stop for anyone visiting the island. A word of caution – make sure to compare prices if you plan to pick up a souvenir at one of the little gift shops. A lot of the stores sell the same trinkets and the keychain you pay five euros for at one store might have only cost you three at the shop a few doors down.

The Cats of Mykonos


The stray cats of Mykonos are everywhere. These two charming felines like to hang around outside our Airbnb. The one on the right keeps sneaking into inside and trying to trick us into giving her food. Most of the cats on the island are used to humans and tend to ignore your existence, but some of the cats will come over looking for a little affection. I miss my cat like mad so it was nice getting a chance to pet some of the cats.

Final Thoughts

One big thing to keep in mind – if you don’t plan on renting a vehicle then you are in for a lot of walking. The roads and sidewalks of Mykonos are uneven and at times very steep so you’ll definitely get a good calf workout walking around the island. Mykonos is also very windy so if you visit in late April – early May when the temp is still in the low 70s a light scarf or jacket can be helpful as the sun begins to set. Mykonos is beautiful and well worth visiting if you get the chance. Whether you are here for just a quick day trip or you have a few days to spend exploring Mykonos will not disappoint.


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