‘Empire Tea and Coffee Inspired’ Mango Bubble Tea

One of my favorite places in Newport, RI is a place called Empire Tea and Coffee. They have three locations on the island but my favorite is the one on Broadway. One of their specialties is bubble tea. They have a whole host of flavors but my favorite is their mango bubble tea. It’s delicious and refreshing but hard to come by outside of Aquidneck Island. After one of my trips to their store, I decided to see if I could make it myself. Thankfully, with the help of Amazon and free shipping, I was able to create a convincing dupe for this fun summer treat. Here is my recipe for mango bubble tea.

Mango Bubble Tea

To recreate this bubble tea recipe you will need:

  • Mango Popping Bubbles (which can be found here and here)
  • Mango Syrup (I like Monin’s mango syrup here)
  • Green or Black Tea (I use this brand)
  • Ice
  • Bubble tea straws (reusable plastic ones or colorful paper ones)

This recipe is super easy to make. In a tall cup or glass add a 1/4 cup of the mango bubbles. Then add two pumps of the mango syrup, you can add as much as you’d like but I find that the taste becomes little overpowering if you add more. Then just add some ice and pour the tea over the top. Mix with a spoon or straw and enjoy.


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